Playlist from Panyavee vol. 1

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By Panyavee

French Soul, Asian Body. A painter, A drawer, Creative & Project Manager

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By Panyavee

French Soul, Asian Body. A painter, A drawer, Creative & Project Manager

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I’m a girl who’s truly falling to every kind of music,
I go to almost every gig (if I’m free, and my pocket is kind enough lol)
Especially, funk and groovy genres, but don’t believe me too much
because I’m not good at categorised music genres,
but, I’m a music hunter, new tune, new sound or even the old one.
They’re all my obsession.

Here’s my first playlist, there’s nothing much about each band
I will do more homework next time, for now I hope you guys enjoy!

and thanks to “My” the friend of mine, we always exchanged music even we’re a half world far away :D

Air -Sing Sang Sung
if you hate the MV, I think there gotta be something wrong in your mind for sure, or maybe my mind cause I love this MV, it super cute!

HomeShake - Cash is Money
if you like Mac Demarco here’s his side project with Peter Sagar ( The Guitarist ) , with smooth bass lines and groovy, jazz undertones.

Homeshake - Make a Fool of You

Tei Shi - Basically
very dreamy, hip, bassy sound!

Glass Animals - gooey
sexy tunes

Toro Y moi - Still Sound
my Favourite track, always turn it so loud when I drive, it help if you stuck in really bad traffic

Big Data - Dangerous

Flight Facilities - Foreign Language
if you remember this band from “ Crave you” This one is good too!

Blood Orange - Always let you down
if you’re over 30 you might recognise this song by Mansun, Blood Orange doing good in this version.

Kisses - Kisses
mostly people like “Bermuda” but for me this track also worth listening to.

Wild Nothing - Dancing Shell
Recommended by my spacial one, at that time, good mood & sweet lyrics.

Perfume Genius - Fool
Feel like have to add this song in, since he just had concert here in Thailand

Rhye - The Fall
This song is a must on my list, my favorite band ever, and I’m going to see they show tomorrow at Wonderfruit Festival Volla!

Dye - Fantasy
must in my list ( again )

Jamie xx - Girl
Yeah, it’s Jamie from the XX

alt-J (∆) Breezeblocks

Disclosure - Magnets ft. Lorde

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